Tesla becomes most popular automaker in Norway, where more than 10% of new cars are electric

Tesla becomes the new market leader in Norway, the country which holds more than 10% of electric cars.

More than 1,860 Tesla vehicles have been registered in Norway this December with a week left in the quarter. It is to be noted that Tesla sold just 690 vehicles in December 2016.

Norway is by far the is the world leader in electric cars and there is no surprise in Tesla dominating the market, experts say.

Tesla’s Model X leads the tally, followed by Model S and the VW Golf.

“Solid range, practical solutions, and high security make more and more choose Model S and Model X,” said Even Sandvold Roland, head of communications at Tesla Norway.

The latest registration data showed that already 1,861 Tesla vehicles were registered this month and a total of 3,153 during the fourth quarter.

Tesla’s Model X and Model S hold the first and second position for most popular car models in December marching ahead against VW Golf, which has long been a top seller in Norway.

Tesla delivered more than 2,000 cars in September, creating the new record In Norway and helping the country achieve a new record for lowest average CO2 emission for new vehicles.

Tesla launched its Model S in 2013,  immediately after the government’s announcement of financial incentives for Electric Cars.

Norway registers its 100,000 electric cars in December 2016 and by April 2017 more than half of all new cars sold are either electric or plug-in.  In  December 2017, 32{4c121b525f261b6e9cd1def8a3985dbe850ad058af7b7776b0968f5bd69c65ba} of Norway’s cars are plug-in electric.



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