Scientists create Robotic Cat that purrs and meows like real cat armed with Artificial Intelligence to help elderly people

The US project, dubbed ARIES – Affordable Robotic Intelligence for Elderly Support has developed a robotic cat armed with Artifical Intelligence to help seniors.

National Science Foundation pledged $1m grant for the toymaker and scientist to add Artifical Intelligence to Robotic Cat.

“The cat can remind an ageing owner to take their medication or help find their spectacles, and may one day feature prominently in care homes” –  experts claim.

It robotic cat purrs and meows like a real cat and can help to keep the elderly company.

Bertram Malle, a professor at Brown, says his team don’t want to make overblown promises of what the cat can do. They hope to make a cat that would perform a small set of tasks well.

‘The cat doesn’t do things on its own. It needs the human, and the human gets something back,’ said project scientist and Brown University researcher Professor Bertram Malle.

“It makes itself known and reminds the person – [it] might point towards the medication box that the person hadn’t thought of.

“Our idea was, we can bring expertise for the artificial intelligence, for the mechanics and the human, robot-interaction side” — he added.

‘That interaction is a huge step up. Loneliness and uselessness feelings are hugely problematic.’ — he added.

Jeanne Elliott, whose 93-year-old mother, Mary Derr, lives with her in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, recently bought one of Hasbro’s feline companions and treats it like a real cat. The robot keeps Ms Derr company and sooths her while her daughter is at work.

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