Perth Zoo celebrated the birthdays of two oldest animals Tricia the Asian Elephant (61) and Puan the Sumatran Orangutan(62) in grand style

Perth Zoo celebrated the birthdays of two oldest animals ‘Tricia’ the Asian Elephant and ‘Puan’ the Sumatran Orangutan in a grand style.

Tricia is amongst the oldest of her species alive, while Puan is thought to be the oldest Sumatran Orangutan in the world.

Both animals received specially made birthday cakes filled with their favorite foods.

Tricia was named after Miss Australia 1962 winner, Tricia Resche. It arrived from Vietnam in 1962 has now lived at Perth Zoo for 55 years.

Her keeper Kirsty Carey describes her as a cheeky, loving elephant with a sense of humor that rivals most humans.

“Most people think that Tricia is the oldest animal at the Zoo, but Puan beats her by a year. She actually holds a Guinness Book of Records for being the oldest Sumatran Orangutan in a Zoo anywhere in the world.”– she said.

Puan was gifted by the Sultan of Jahore in Malaysia in exchange for some Australian animals in 1968.

“Puan is an exceptionally important member of the Perth Zoo family. She is the founder of our world famous breeding program with her offspring now residing all over the world,”– she added.

Even in wild, it is difficult to live for 50 years but Puan has exceeded the usual life expectancy of her species.

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“She has slowed down a lot, but has certainly not lost any of her Puan stubbornness. She doesn’t suffer fools and will stamp her foot to voice her impatience, but as the grand old dame of our colony she is treated with respect befitting an ape of her age.”– she said.

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