Now you can connect your apple watch to a gym equipment for accurate results

Apple Watch has come up with a compatible equipment called GymKit  to connect your Apple Watch with a gym equipment like treadmill and rowing machines to get more accurate results. GymKit software was developed in collaboration with TechnoGym, Life Fitness, StairMaster, Schwinn and few others.

Apple has successfully tested this in FitnessFirst , a popular gym in Australia.  It essentially integrated the apple watch with few gym equipment followed by the successful transfer of data between the  two devices.

The vision is the get a clear data on calories burned based on factors like a user’s weight and the intensity of the workout, than just relying on average measurement. The feature is available at the one gym in Australia and since it has successful passed the beta test , it will be expanded to other countries by the end of 2017.

Any  by third party like gym equipment’s , fitness trainers and gym owner , can access my data?

No. The main feature of Gymkit is when you disconnect your watch from the gym equipment , the data will be erased and will be available only on your apply watch.


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