New York to introduce new Net Neutrality Bill , plans to punish ISP’s that are against Net Neutrality

Patricia Fahy, Member of  New York State Assembly is working on a bill to address last week’s repeal of the net neutrality rules by the Federal Communications Commission.

Patricia has drafted a short piece of legislation to introduce this week.  According to the bill, it requires the state government, state agencies, and local governments (including New York City) to do business only with ISPs that follow net neutrality rules.

The state won’t work or cooperate with Internet Service Providers that block or slow down legal content.

“NetNeutrality and access to a free and open internet are fundamental to the success of New York in the digital age. Big telecom needs to know that if they won’t do fair business with New Yorkers, NewYork won’t do business with them.”– she said in a tweet.

New York cant make ISP’s to enforce net neutrality but they can use its powers to punish ISP’s that fail to adhere to net neutrality.

“If you are going to be a contractor and want to work with New York, then you must meet the principles,” — she said.

New York State Assemblymember Patricia Fahy Net Neutrality Bill by Sean Captain on Scribd






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