Life in earth could have been sparked by aliens , 3.8 billions years ago

British boffins has just come up with a new theory which could crack the the mystery of how life existence arose in earth. The scientists points to intrepid alien bugs , as the main reason.

This theory states that life could have delivered from deep space and it could be just before 3.8 billions years. Scientists how ever could not explain exactly how this has started.

A team of scientists said Space Dust may have transported alien bugs (minuscule bio-particles) which travels at 70 km per hour and  after reaching the earth they could have started the process of evolution.

The theory comes from a team of scientists in Edinburgh who have studied powerful flows of interplanetary dust that can travel through space at up to 43.75 miles per second (70km/s) second.  They also believe it could have landed on other planets in our solar system.

The team examined  36 interstellar dust grains and found they were primarily made of magnesium, calcium, iron, silicon and oxygen.

Arjun Berera, a lead professor  from the University of Edinburgh’s School of Physics and Astronomy, said:”The proposition that space dust collisions could propel organisms over enormous distances between planets raises some exciting prospects of how life and the atmospheres of planets originated”.

“The streaming of fast space dust is found throughout planetary systems and could be a common factor in proliferating life.” — he added.

Scientists believe plants, certain type of bacteria’s and even micro-animals likes tardigrades (which are capable  of surviving in space) could have been transported.

The most interesting part is the team has also said that bio particles could have been taken away from earth , some billion years ago to seed life.

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If this is true then life could have been injected to earth from aliens from tiny dusts rather comets and asteroids and we made by mistake by looking for them with telescopes than microscopes.

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