Japan Airlines invests millions of dollars in Denver based Startups Supersonic Planes that travel 2.2 times the speed of Sound

Japan Airlines(JAPSY) has invested $10 million into  Boom Technologies, a Denver-based startup to bring back supersonic commercial flight.

The airliner will build supersonic flights that would cruise at 1,450 mph — 2.2 times the speed of sound. The supersonic jet will carry 45 to 55 passengers in the business class.

Boom’s founder Blake Scholl said a trip from Japan to San Fransico will take less than 5 and half hours.

Japan Airlines has options to buy up to 20 Boom aircraft. Last year, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson announced that his company had options on the first 10 Boom jets.

Japan Airlines ten million investment in Boom is tiny in the aviation world, but shows at least one airline’s eagerness to bet on a startup for future aircraft.

“This is about signaling to the broader ecosystem that this is something that there’s real airline customer interest in. The money is largely symbolic, but it’s an important symbol. JAL doesn’t put $10 million around without thinking really hard about it.” – said Blake Scholl

Scholl said Boom has raised a total of $51 million in investment and expecting more in the coming months. He also said the company is in talks with aviation investors.

Boom says it has interest from five airlines in buying a total of 76 of its supersonic airliners if it succeeds in bringing the plane to market.

Boom will deliver the supersonic jets starting from 2023. Since Japan’s International Flights takes a long time to travel Boom Jets could dramatically reduce that travel time for passengers willing to pay a premium.

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“Through this partnership, we hope to contribute to the future of supersonic travel with the intent of providing more ‘time’ to our valued passengers while emphasizing flight safety,”  said Yoshiharu Ueki, president of Japan Airlines said

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