Health Canada doubles the number of marijuana production licenses

Health Canada has almost doubled the number of Marijuana Production License in the country for past six months. Previously the country has 36 license holders and the number has now reached 80 as of 1st of December.

The country has just legalized the use of marijuana and will be made available to the public from July 1, 2018.

More than 100’s of applicants are in final stages as the government rushes toward national marijuana legalization.

Among the toppers, Canada’s biggest province Ontario gets 45 production licenses, followed by British Columbia with 18.

From July next year, only licensed companies are allowed to produce and sell stuff like dried marijuana, fresh marijuana, cannabis oil, or starting materials to eligible persons.

In May production companies complained Health Canada’s approval process and said it will take years to get the complete approval.

After hearing complaints from various section Health Canda stepped in and accelerated the approval process. It has also helped the existing license holders in the expansion.

Earlier this month Trudeau government said it is discussing to give provinces and territories a bigger share of the revenue from a federal excise tax on cannabis. The government is expected to get $1-billion from annual excise tax and is preparing to give 50{4c121b525f261b6e9cd1def8a3985dbe850ad058af7b7776b0968f5bd69c65ba} of its share to provincial and territorial governments.

“We have a lot of out-of-pocket (expenses) right at the start … That needs to be recovered. So we will work closely, we want to make sure that municipalities are covered as well.”–




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