Hackers anger ISIS by filling its official channels with pornographic pictures

Members of the Iraqi hacking group, Daeshgram have targeted Isis by placing pornographic images into its official communication channels.

Daeshgram said their main idea was to create a distrust among Isis supporters about messages from the group’s leaders.

They made a smart move by photoshopping a picture of a naked woman into an announcement about a new media center in Isis-controlled Syria and made it look as if Isis leaders had been watching porn.

“Our intention was to flood the market with fake Amaq content in order to dilute the credibility of Amaq – a so-called news agency,” an anonymous member of Daeshram told Newsweek.

“Daesh responded by telling supporters not to trust any of the Amaq links. They even had fights among themselves about the topic and deleted each other from various groups.”

Daeshgram is a pun on Instagram and the Arabic word for Isis, Daesh – focuses on disrupting pro-Isis groups on the encrypted instant messaging service Telegram, which is often used by Isis supporters.

Apart from hacking social accounts, Daeshgram also flooded ISIS’s websites with huge artificial traffic, forcing them to go offline.

It is not the first time ISIS have been targeted by the hackers flooding its media channels with Pornography. Earlier in 2016 a hacker who disguised himself as WachulaGhost has filled the ISIS’s media channels with gay porn.

Speaking to CNN WachulaGhost, the hacker said he was surprised to see the vulnerability and was thrilled to hack the social accounts.

”There was a few of us… that discovered a vulnerability. We thought, ‘Hey let’s go start taking their accounts … and humiliating them.’“ — he said.

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And probably this won’t be the last time that Isis will be targeted by hackers in this way, considering its  vulnerability the terror groups social accounts is expected to be explored by many hacking groups in the coming months

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