Elon Musk shows off the Tesla Roadster that he plans to send Mars

The SpaceX founder has shared images on his Instagram account today of the payload being loaded up on the first Falcon Heavy rocket that will ever launch – and it’s a red Tesla Roadster.

Last Week Elon Musk announced that he planned to send an original Tesla Roadster to space atop a Falcon Heavy rocket.

This will be the inaugural flight of the Falcon Heavy, a rocket that SpaceX has been planning for years.

The cherry-red car will function as a payload in the test flight of the new Falcon Heavy rocket.

The photos were released just hours after a picture leaked on Reddit that showed a grainy view of the car being readied for its final ride.

“Payload will be my midnight cherry Tesla Roadster playing Space Oddity,” Musk wrote on Twitter.

“Destination is Mars orbit. Will be in deep space for a billion years or so if it doesn’t blow up on ascent.” — he said.

“Test flights of new rockets usually contain mass simulators in the form of concrete or steel blocks. That seemed extremely boring,” Musk wrote on Instagram today. “Of course, anything boring is terrible, especially companies, so we decided to send something unusual, something that made us feel.” — he said.

The Roadster will also be playing David Bowie’s Space Oddity, and is aiming to enter a “billion year elliptic Mars orbit,” should the launch go perfectly to plan.


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