Comcast enrolled customers in programs without their consent , faces $100 Million In Fines for Defrauding

Comcast is now battling serious allegations of defrauding customers for deceptively enrolling thousands of customers in a service protection plan they never agreed to join.

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson amended his $100 million lawsuits last week, including the new evidence revealing more deceptive conduct.

Ferguson submitted the recorded calls between SPP subscribers and Comcast representatives collected by the Attorney General’s Office. The calls revealed that Comcast may have signed up more than half of all SPP subscribers without their consent.

Ferguson said that his office reviewed 150 calls as  Comcast initially claimed that a bulk of the conversations were deleted. It is to be noted that getting hold of these recordings require state judge’s approval.

“Comcast’s refusal to produce call recordings has been an ongoing issue,” Ferguson said.

The suit charges that Comcast misrepresented the scope of its Service Protection Plan as part of more than 1.8 million violations of Washington’s consumer laws.

“Comcast misrepresented the scope and cost of its Service Protection Plan, a program designed to reduce the cost of repairs, and exploited more than half a million Washingtonians from 2011 to 2015” — Prosecutors said.

“This new evidence makes clear that Comcast’s conduct is even more egregious than we first realized,” Ferguson said.

“The extent of their deception is shocking, and I will hold them accountable for their treatment of Washington consumers.”– he added.

This lawsuit could make an effect in other US states, with broader damages potentially entering into the billions.


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