Cold Moon 2017 : December’s supermoon will be the brightest of the year

December is set to play host to  2017’s   brightest supermoon and our celestial neighbour will be at the closest point of its orbit to Earth in the first few days of December.

The last cold moon of 2017 is set to happen on December 3 and it promises to be the biggest and brightest of the entire year.

It is to be noted that Supermoons are full moons which appear bigger because the moon is closer to Earth.

2017 has three supermoons in January, November and December, but the past two coincided with the “new moon” phase when the moon’s face is darkened by shadows. So this will be the first one of the year we’ll actually be able to see.

Supermoons can be up to 14{4c121b525f261b6e9cd1def8a3985dbe850ad058af7b7776b0968f5bd69c65ba} bigger and 30{4c121b525f261b6e9cd1def8a3985dbe850ad058af7b7776b0968f5bd69c65ba} brighter than normal full moons – and appear closer due to the moon’s wonky orbit

This year’s Cold Moon falls on December 3 and will be at its brightest at 4.47pm. It will blaze a brilliant white and will come 222,443 miles from Earth – enough to qualify as a supermoon.

Explaining what exactly a supermoon is, Public Astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich Dr Marek Kukula said “If a full moon happens to occur when the moon is also at its closest point then it will look slightly larger and brighter than usual, popularly known as a ‘supermoon’.

“It is a natural part of the moon cycle and happens around once a year.The differences in apparent size and brightness amount to few percent but they can enhance the already beautiful sight of the full moon, making a supermoon worth looking up for.” — he added.

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We can see the  Cold Moon without any high-tech cameras or telescopes, though these will still, of course, enhance the view.

Renowned NASA Photographer Bill Ingalls offered some tips to how to photograph moon on a supermoon day.

‘Don’t make the mistake of photographing the moon by itself with no reference to anything. Instead, think of how to make the image creative – that means tying it into some land-based object. It can be a local landmark or anything to give your photo a sense of place.’ — he said

‘You’re not going to get a giant moon in your shot, but you can do something more panoramic, including some foreground that’s interesting. Think about being in an urban area where it’s a little bit brighter.’ — he added.

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