Chinese Robot Xiao Yi passes China’s National Medical Licensing Examination

A chines robot name Xiao Yi has just passed China’s National Medical Licensing Examination, an essential entrance test  for doctors china. Xiao Yi is now the first machine to become a doctor.

The robot has scored 456 points out of 600 , 96 points higher than the require cut off.  The robot was developed by the leading  Chinese artificial intelligence company  iFlytek Co Ltd.  Developers took more than 10 months to input knowledge from more than dozen books. Its

An electronic version of the question paper was created which included the same contents given to its human counterparts.  And it is not just about choosing the right answer from the given choice. Questions were created where one needs to use logical reasoning to answer.

“Quite a few questions are case analyses, that is, you are informed the basic conditions of some patients and some of their symptoms, then you have to tell what disease it is, what treatment should be adopted or what medicine they should take.”–  researchers said.

iFlytek has planned to launch the robot in March 2018 and said the robot is not a replacement for human doctor rather it will assist doctors in  capturing and analyzing patient information and make initial diagnosis.

“We will officially launch the robot in March 2018. It is not meant to replace doctors. Instead, it is to promote better people-machine cooperation so as to boost efficiency.”–  said Liu Qingfeng (Chairma of iFlytek)

The company has  invited medical experts to help Xiao yi learn clinical experience and case diagnosis.

“What it can do most at present is to offer some possible suggestions to doctors, so as to help doctors to find where the problems lie more rapidly, or to avoid some risks,” said Liu.

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Recently china has announced that it has plans to build a 1 trillion yuan ($152.5 billion) AI core industry by 2030.Earlier this week iFlytek became the member of the AI alliance set up by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company will now fund 1.02 billion yuan ($150 million) to support software and hardware developers.

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