Cameron Winklevoss Predicts That Bitcoin Will Reach Multi-Trillion Value

Cameron of the famous Winklevoss twins, predicts bitcoins blazing gains this year is just the start and it is primed to reach a multi-trillion value in long-term.

“We’ve always felt that Bitcoin, given its properties, is gold 2.0 — it disrupts gold. Gold is scarce, Bitcoin is actually fixed. Bitcoin is way more portable and way more divisible. At a $300 bln market cap, it’s certainly seen a lot of price appreciation, but gold is at $6 tln and if Bitcoin disrupting gold is true and it plays out … then you can see 10 to 20 times appreciation because there is a significant delta still.”– he said.

In 2013 he and his brother Tyler said they owned  $11 million worth of bitcoins and  If they retained that stake it would be valued at more than $1.7 billion today. It is to be noted that Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler are the ones who claimed they have helped created facebook.

Winklevoss bases his price projection on the market value of gold, which he pegged at about $6 trillion and others calculate at closer to $7.5 trillion.

He also said Investors are now looking Bitcoin ahead of Gold for its portability.

“Investors are beginning to embrace the idea that bitcoin, “mined” by computers performing complex calculations, is more portable and divisible than the precious metal”– he said.

When asked about the expert’s comments,  predicting bitcoin as the biggest bubble, he said “Social networks grow in value exponentially based on the number of users and participants . . . as more people join it gains more value.”

 “We think we are in a good spot and ready for game time,” he said.

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