Australia drafts new law to export cannabis based medicines from February to help patients around the world

The Australian Federal Government has drafted a new law to export cannabis medicines. The law will allow the cannabis companies to sell  Australian produced oils, lozenges, sprays and pills to be sold overseas for the first time.

Advocates have argued the plant-based treatments can relieve severe pain associated with many medical conditions, including multiple sclerosis, and to reduce the impact of cancer therapies.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said the law will come in to effect from early February and companies can start exporting in few weeks.

After Canada, the Netherlands, and Uruguay, Australia is the fourth country in the world to allow exports of cannabis-based therapies.

“We have a world-class reputation for our clean and green farm products. Put them all together and we are brilliantly placed to be a world leader in the medical development and medical cannabis,” he said.

Australia is all set to target South America, Spain, Canada, and Germany in the coming months and hopes to become a world leader in the medicinal cannabis market.

Despite export laws, it is still illegal to use recreational marijuana in Australia. In 2016, Victoria became the first state in Australia to legalize medical marijuana.


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One thought on “Australia drafts new law to export cannabis based medicines from February to help patients around the world

  • January 19, 2018 at 1:47 am

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